School Ball Booking Form

School Ball Booking Form

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    Chrysler 300c 10 seaterWhite SUV 12 seaterBlack H2 Hummer 16 seaterWhite H2 Hummer 16 seaterBlack H2 Hummer 20 seaterWhite H2 Hummer 20 seater


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    1) All bookings must be confirmed with a non-refundable service deposit of $300.00. The balance owing is required 24 Days prior to the event. All booking charges and payments are non-refundable, even in the client cancels or changers their mind. Payment of the booking is acceptance of the terms and conditions of the hiring of the service and an acknowledgement of responsibility and liability for the full balance due. All balances owed and not finalised will be charged to the hirer. Hire agreements must be made by an adult over 18 years of age.

    2) The hiring customer will be held responsible for the conduct of all passengers in the vehicle. The chauffeur reserves the right to terminate the hire agreement due to abusive or disorderly passengers without a refund.

    3) No smoking is allowed in our vehicles at any time or under any circumstances.

    4) Any damage or breakages caused by misconduct; damage to fabric, or intoxication; soiling or sickness will be absorbed by the hiring customer.

    5) Overtime rates of $110 per 15 minutes will apply for extended hire.

    6) All passengers must were seatbelts at all times.

    7) No food is to be consumed in the vehicle.

    8) No Alcohol is allowed in our vehicles.

    9)We accept no responsibility for any lost items, damaged or stolen within the vehicle.

    10) Due to the length of the stretch limousines, access into some suburban streets may be restricted and pickup/drop-offs at the door may not be achievable. Drivers reserve the right to refuse passage to any venue that they deem unsafe to the vehicle or passengers.

    11) In the unlikely event of a break down or the car being deemed un-road worthy i.e. the result of a collision, we will endeavor to provide a replacement vehicle similar to what was requested as quickly as possible. However, we cannot be held liable for any subsequent loss incurred as a result of vehicle breakdown.

    12) The Company will not accept any responsibility for traffic congestion, road works or adverse weather conditions that may result in the delay or cancellation of a booking.

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