16 Seater White Hummer Limo

White Super Stretch H2 Hummer Limo

Hummer City Limousines is proud to offer our white super stretch H2 Hummer limo as part of a growing fleet that will surpass the expectations of every client. This astounding H2 Hummer limo is outfitted with a number of interior and exterior accessories that provide an ultimate level of pleasure to accompany any type of excursion. Clients can include a guest list compiled of 16 total passengers to fit comfortably in the super stretch accommodations of the H2 Hummer limo, which has the following entertainment luxuries to offer:

Plush, Stylish and Sophisticated

  1. Karaoke Machine
  2. Dance Floor
  3. Laser Lights
  4. Fiber Optic Lighting
  5. Multiple LCD Screens
  6. CD/DVD Player
  7. 3 Full Length Bars Stocked with Essentials
  8. IPod Connectivity
  9. Wide Selection of Chart Topping Music or Choose to Bring Your Own Music Collection

Our team of professionally trained and personable chauffeurs will ensure the safe arrival to a number of desired locations on an unforgettable journey. Heads will turn as you arrive in the impeccably polished super stretch limo that scintillates with exterior components including:

  1. Dual rear jet doors
  2. Touchscreen monitor
  3. 40-inch flat-screen TVs
  4. Raised roof for increased head space
  5. Dance floor
  6. Light-up roof
  7. Fibre-optic lighting
  8. Three fully stocked bars
  9. Colour-changing bar
  10. 2,000-watt sound system
  11. iPod connectivity
  12. CD/DVD player

Hummer City Limousines specifically customized this one of a kind H2 Hummer limo to encompass an unrivaled level of luxuriousness. Please contact one of our seasoned professionals to inquire further about the super stretch H2 Hummer limo that is quickly becoming one of the most desired limousines from our fleet. Hummer City Limousines looks forward to becoming a part of the many memories filled with joy and extravagance that we know each client will take away from an excursion in our state of the art, super stretch H2 Hummer limousine.

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